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IB Roof Systems’ Unique CPA Vinyl Material

  • Long Lasting – Nearly three times that of traditional asphalt roofing systems
  • Recyclable – Recycled after 30 years of useful life, avoiding the landfill all together
  • Highly Reflective – Reducing energy consumption and utility costs
  • Safe – Formulated with enhanced fire retardant properties


IB Roof Systems uses solar energy, reflectivity, reclamation, rooftop gardens, and carbon neutrality to reduce the amount of harmful substances dispersed into the atmosphere. IB’s unique CPA vinyl material uses less energy and 50% less fossil fuels, compared to other plastics which consist of 100% fossil fuels. The material itself is also 100% recyclable.


IB Roof Systems’ Environmental Awards

  • Two-time winner of the Recycling Council of Ontario’s Waste Minimization Award for diverting up to 90% of processed waste from landfills (totaling over 3,400 tons)
  • First vinyl manufacturer in North America to achieve ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard
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